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October 07, 2013

3 takeaways from Tic Tac’s flavorful Facebook content

Written by Investis Digital

Need a mint? There’s a Tic Tac for that.

Craving something sweet? There’s also a Tic Tac for that.

Looking for social media marketing inspiration? Look no further than Tic Tac.

The Tic Tac brand has evolved exponentially since it was first launched by Italian confection manufacturer Ferrero (the same company behind Nutella!) in 1969. Although they’ve always had a solid consumer following, Tic Tac has recently proven it can captivate a digital audience just as successfully. The brand currently has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, with an on-site campaign that carries over to their social profiles.

Tic Tac’s campaign – “Shake it Up” – urges consumers to “shake up” their taste buds. There is an element of gamification on their site in Shake it Up Tic Tac Words.  They also emphasize this on Facebook and Twitter, with the message coming across more effectively through their playful Facebook content.

The well-known minty candy brand has taken their marketing to another level on their Facebook page, providing inspiration for those within all industries. With over one million fans and high engagement levels, they exemplify some of the network best practices discussed in this infographic, and possess an unceasingly upbeat brand voice.

Their Facebook About section clearly identifies their good-time goals: “The Tic Tac® brand wants to provide a gentle reminder to those who may have nodded off in life, that sometimes each and every one of us needs to shake things up!”

3 Takeaways from Tic Tac’s Facebook Content

Be Consistent

Although it doesn’t always incorporate Tic Tacs, their “Shake it up” ideas are consistent with their campaign and oddly entertaining. This is a great example of a way in which brands can bring personality into social media and add value outside of product promotion. Give Facebook users a reason to follow you (that’s more creative than coupons)!

tic tac 1

Incorporate Trending Topics

Tic Tac is on the ball when it comes to hot topics and social trends. They often post “Throwback Thursday” content that balances nostalgia with their future-forward brand voice. Tic Tac also takes part in celebrating the little things in life – like National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Why  not?

tic tac 2

Always Have Sense of Humor

When advised to “never take yourself too seriously,” the Tic Tac brand listened. While they do include promotional posts and contest information, they also have a plethora of silly content to engage fans. Their fake Tic Tac flavor ideas, for instance, is a humorous stand out. The below “Cheese Fries” flavor joins other jokesters like “Salted Pretzel,” “Popcorn,” and “Five-Layer Dip.”

tic tac 3

Tic Tac demonstrates several best practices on Facebook with consistent, trending content that engages fans. If correctly optimized, Facebook can be an effective component of a greater social media marketing strategy. Contact ZOG Digital today for all social media marketing solutions.

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