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August 14, 2019

3 ways to better communicate your corporate value proposition

Written by Nick Kay

In a 2019 report on why certain B2B marketers outperform the competition, U.K. based marketing agency The Marketing Practice, in partnership with Marketing Week, found that the greatest drivers of B2B marketing effectiveness are audience targeting, value proposition, and creative.

Our experience shows that while targeting and creative are understood, when it comes to digital communications, marketers are less able to clearly translate their corporate value proposition. At the same time, corporate value proposition is perhaps the most overwhelming contribution to effective digital communications. We call it “clarity of purpose” — or, does your audience quickly and easily understand why your business is right for them?

Effectively translating your corporate value proposition comes down to knowing your audience, finding actionable insights, and leading with content.

1. Know Your Audience

Take the example of a leading online fashion retailer. While the brand and product offerings were well-defined, stakeholder engagement showed that their corporate audiences most wanted to know how digital development would keep them at the forefront of fashion retailing, and how their careers strategy would help them attract “talent beyond fashion.”

The need to showcase this corporate value proposition set the tone for subsequent strategic decisions and provided an important sanity check for discussions on the best direction for content, design, and KPIs.

2. Find Actionable Insights

An independent bottler of beverages came to us to get greater exposure for their scale and capabilities. But workshops with them revealed that it was the way they partnered with brands and retailers that elevated them above the competition. In many ways, they were redefining the bottler-brand relationship through their innovative approach to individual client challenges.

From this insight, we set about showcasing case studies from their country sites, to demonstrate how their local market knowledge helped customers have more efficient operations and innovative products. Doing this has brought their strategic advantage to life and positioned them as an industry leader.

3. Lead With Content

Sometimes, a client has a huge number of stories to tell. This was the case with a major producer of flavors and fragrances. Our challenge was to make the telling of these stories as effortless and engaging as possible, especially as the intended audience was largely unaware of the client’s capabilities, which we were showcasing in the stories.

We created fascinating content that readers wanted to explore. This was highly visual, emotion-led storytelling with an accessible, educational tone – designed to encourage readers to browse, indulge, and enjoy.

Make Your Corporate Value Proposition Work Harder With Investis Digital

How do your digital communications measure up? To keep the attention of your digital audience, you need to communicate your corporate value proposition in a way that is clear, concise, and relevant. This is key to creating an effective digital experience tailored to your audience needs.

As a global digital communications partner to the world’s leading companies, Investis Digital helps clients create effective digital communication strategies that showcase their unique brand value. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your corporate value proposition work harder for your brand, business, and audiences.

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