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January 25, 2018

5 SEO metrics every corporate communicator needs in 2018

Written by Investis Digital

Tracking the right search engine optimization (SEO) metrics helps you effectively communicate with a range of audiences. SEO focuses on making your content easily discoverable by and valuable to search engines like Google. With SEO metrics guiding your content strategy, you ensure maximum visibility for all your content across a wide range of channels.

Here are five metrics you must watch if you want to understand how your content performs:

1. Traffic sources

Traffic sources reports let you know where visitors are coming from. Direct traffic is generated by visitors who type your website URL into their browser's address bar. Search traffic happens when someone finds you via search engine. Referral traffic comes from other sites linking to yours. Use this report to understand how your visitors are finding you and which sources could benefit from additional cultivation.

2. Bounce rate

The bounce rate shows you the percentage of people who land on your website or a specific piece of content and immediately click away. High bounce rates indicate that something is wrong and suggest that you need to improve the content or more deeply vet your audience.

3. Conversions

Each piece of content has a goal, whether it's to make a sale or to recruit newsletter subscribers. Tracking conversions helps you determine which pieces are effectively reaching those goals and which ones aren't cutting it. Over time, seeing what works will help you refine your strategy and use resources more efficiently.

4. New and return visitors

Are people coming back to your website? If not, it may be time to look at creating new content to encourage people to come back and visit your content repeatedly. Try creating content that visitors will want to refer back to and share with their networks. Bring it back to a common pain point, if possible.

5. Exit pages

Where are people on your website when they decide to leave it? Understanding exit pages can help you determine where to take steps to keep people on your site longer. Maybe the functionality of a certain page causes people to get fed up.

While getting the most out of your SEO metrics is a challenge, the right partner can help. Recently acquired by Investis, ZOGDigital works with corporate communications leaders to ensure that their connected content is SEO optimized.

Liz Alton writes about technology, marketing and business for enterprise audiences. She's a Forbes contributor and her writing has been published in Inc, USA Today, Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post, Mic, Harvard Business Review blogs and the WSJ. She holds an MBA and a BA in journalism, and is completing a masters in Journalism at Harvard.

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