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December 07, 2018

Using analytics to help deliver business objectives online

Written by James Croxford
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In the early stages of a project, we spend a lot of time with clients defining project requirements using research methods, peer assessments and stakeholder engagement to fully understand the vision and objectives of the project. This helps us define the audiences, content and Information architecture needed to create websites that deliver results.

This is an invaluable process, but once your site launches how do you measure its impact and if it continues to meet those objectives over time?

Demonstrating success for non-transactional websites

For consumer-orientated sites this is usually straightforward. Have we sold more? Have more people signed up? Have we reduced costs elsewhere? But many of our clients need to demonstrate success of non-transactional corporate and B2B communications, with objectives focused on delivering more nuanced messages for multiple stakeholders.

This is why Investis Digital has developed a scalable analytics framework that provides our customers with the ability to monitor success based on business-orientated KPIs.

Linking KPI’s to business objectives

Once we have a thorough understanding of clients’ business objectives, the next question we ask is: “how do we measure success?” This helps identify website KPIs that link directly to the broader business strategy, making it easier to demonstrate success.

For example, if a key business objective is to position the company as the industry leader for customers, we need to assess whether they can easily find the specific content that supports this objective on the website and whether this content resonates with them. Some of the data we analyse includes:

How do visitors find the content? Search engines? Links from other industry sites?

Where do customers go after they access a product or service page? Do they use the signposts provided to access other supporting articles or expert blogs?

How long to do they stay on the site?

What sort of the content is most engaging? Written? Video? Interactive?

Do they access contact information?

Where do they leave the site? 

These audience insights allow us to continually evaluate and optimize our client’s digital strategies, while giving them the ability to clearly demonstrate return on investment through meaningful KPIs.

Providing clear results and insights

As well as collecting the right data, we also make it easy to access and interpret for clients. We provide this through dashboards located in our MyInvestis client portal. These dashboards can be tailored to your specific reporting needs showing only the data points that are relevant to you with clear descriptions. Customizable dashboard layout and design is available if required and our team of strategists are on hand to provide deeper insight for those clients that need it.

If you would like to find out how analytics can help inform your digital strategy and provide measurable evidence of its success, please contact your Account team or email us for more information. 

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