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January 10, 2017

IQ: ATX reaps the benefits of improvements to mobile responsiveness

Written by Investis Digital


The report examines the performance of the corporate websites of the 20 largest Austrian companies based on market capitalisation against 200 best practice website criteria. Overall the ATX index scored 52%, a 4% improvement since the index was last scored in Q4 2015. This performance sits well in comparison to the other global indices, with a number of high-performing areas driving this overall score. This improvement comes at a time when other indices such as the FTSE 250 are failing to make advancements in their overall offering. 

Strong performance in About Us and Governance 

With a global high score in the Governance and About Us categories, ATX companies provide significant information about their business models and leadership. The Corporate Governance section is increasingly seen as an important parameter in judging the company’s transparency and efforts to make their systems and processes more accessible and understood by their wider digital audience. Studies suggest there is a complementary relation between the quality of firm’s corporate governance and disclosure. 

Top changes 

The Mobile and Social Media categories have seen the most notable change in scores, rising by 18% and 20% respectively. Among best-performing companies were Vienna Insurance and Lenzing, each rising by 15% in their overall score. A fully responsive website that includes social website content increased Vienna Insurance’s score, while Lenzing reached 10th rank from 13th rank through the addition of share information, a video statement by CEO and enhanced mobile accessibility. Another company that did well was Zumtobel Group. Now with an overall score of 50%, the group has added social media channels and mobile sharing capability that pushed up the performance and scores. 

Enhanced offering 

One of the encouraging findings of the report is the significant increase in the Mobile category scores. 85% of ATX companies now offer responsive and mobile-optimised websites, and nearly one-fifth of companies offer a corporate app, allowing their audiences to consume content on the go and offline access.


Also of note was Telekom Austria Group, ranked third on the index, which has explained its business model and value proposition well across its website. Business model is one area that has potential for improvement among ATX companies. 

View from the top 

Voestalpine holds the top position on the index, with an overall score of 66%, does many things well. Of note, is their use of video and infographics and an information-rich IR section. Top-performing websites such as Voestalpine pay more attention to the details, including providing more context around their financial data and using interactivity where possible to help present complex information. Use of video webcasting, embedded reports, interactive data charting function are some other ways to drive more value and engagement.


For a more detailed review of findings please download the report.


The Investis Quarterly (IQ) benchmarking methodology allows publicly listed companies to measure the performance of their corporate website against peers and best practice. To request your personal report please email:

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