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July 05, 2016

Careers site content, interactivity and reputation management

Written by Investis Digital

We share some of the latest digital trends for Careers websites that our Research team has discovered as part of our IQ benchmarking of nearly 2,100 corporate websites.

 Innovation in Careers content 

76% of job seekers prefer to apply through company’s career site, according to one research. The trend of candidates searching jobs and company information using their mobile devices is also on the rise. Hence the careers section is now significantly more crucial to attract the right kind of talent and to establish organizational values and culture.


A number of company websites have amped up their content and used a more innovative approach to engage with their audience. Airbus for instance, provides an interactive platform where potential candidates can connect with existing employees to seek information. Visitors are allowed to pick the employee they want to quiz about the company and the ensuing discussion is available for all visitors. This is a fresh approach to show the openness of their culture and job-seekers find answers to their queries as opposed to a standard FAQs page that may not answer it all. 

Video content 

Medallia, the SaaS customer experience management and enterprise feedback management company has infused life into their Careers page by going all out on video. The main video on Careers page lets users select the office they want to preview and then goes on to give a video walk through to that office. All through the page you have videos of employees from various divisions, a hotspot map, quick details about culture, statistics, funding and their Careers Twitter link. The company also includes a link to their Glassdoor reviews.


While it seems too much information to pack on one page – the content has been laid out quite playfully and enticingly. The videos are quite lively – one where the employees explain the culture in a singsong way tells their story using humour.


This is both an example of good storytelling and immersive content that speaks to the target audience – that is job seekers.


Interactive careers content 

Interactive content speaks louder than words. This is where interactive tools and dynamic content can help connect with their target audience. Be it video interviews of senior management, employee case studies, interactive FAQs, a creative interface makes your careers section more purposeful.


Johnson & Johnson has developed a unique interactive timeline to showcase their employees’ journey. This small detail on their careers culture page engages its audience.

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