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May 05, 2018

Key takeaways from the CMO Club Spring Summit

Written by Investis Digital

More than 150 of the smartest marketers in the country gathered in Marina Del Ray last month for the CMO Club’s Spring Summit, and ZOG Digital was lucky enough to attend and participate. The event was filled with captivating speakers, engaging roundtables, and live entertainment. It was a unique opportunity to meet with CMOs from some of the largest brands in the world. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Path to Conversion

One significant comment that I heard came from Antonio Lucio, Global CMO of HP, while he was being interviewed alongside John Costello, former CMO of Dunkin Donuts. During the discussion, Antonio said that one of the more important things he’s learned recently is that it takes a potential customer six touchpoints with a brand’s content before they convert. Hearing the global CMO at a large international tech company say this was beyond refreshing. At ZOG Digital, aligning our marketing efforts to the consumer journey has been at the center of our Connected Content™ approach and we believe it’s a requirement for an effective integrated marketing strategy. 

Takeaway: the number of touchpoints will vary based on your brand’s product or service, so take time to conduct proper research and understand your audience’s needs during each step of the journey. If you don’t have content and proper visibility across each stage, you’re leaving revenue on the table. 

Technology Advancements & Brand Values

As technology companies innovate, the ability to precisely target potential customers and create immersive brand marketing experiences grows. The pace at which technology is advancing has brought about a lot of questions from CMOs, specifically how they can use experiential platforms and identify opportunities that are well suited for their brands. The idea of brand values came up in a lively discussion. The question was if marketers or their customers owned the brand. While there wasn’t a definitive answer, it was very clear that marketers are stewards of the brands they work for and represent. 

Takeaway: to ensure control doesn’t shift to customers during a negative event or crisis, marketers need to properly plan and ensure there are crisis management plans in place across all channels and platforms. 

B2B is Finally Adopting B2C Marketing Tactics

The adoption of digital marketing by B2B brands has been noticeable to us at ZOG Digital for the past couple of years. It was even more noticeable during the CMO summit as many B2B marketers regularly spoke about their marketing efforts as being nearly identical to those in B2C companies. 

Takeaway: at the end of the day, you’re marketing to people, whether they’re buying a consumer product or a business product. The nuance exists in the marketing planning and execution, ensuring that you’re properly identifying, reaching and converting your target audiences. 

Roundtable: Content Marketing Planning

On the final day of the event, I had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable with Mark Bietz, CMO of and Allison Lewin, VP of Marketing at f’real foods. 

We discussed the steps that we each go through when planning for creating, optimizing, amplifying, and measuring content. Each of us had a bit of a unique perspective, but we all first define content needs by measurable outcomes, such as SEO rankings, social engagement, consumer journey stage, etc. 

We had a highly engaged audience, and there seemed to be a common challenge among the group: integrating content strategy across different teams. This scenario is where ZOG Digital can be a highly effective partner with our Connected Content™ approach. We break down silos by building an integrated content strategy based on audience needs and business goals. We develop core themes, then define channels and amplification targeting. This process aligns disparate teams and marketing roles within our client’s organizations. 


The 2018 Spring CMO Spring Summit was an educational and highly entertaining event. Each CMO that attended was able to learn from their peers; as a digital marketing agency, I believe we brought a unique perspective and insights to the event. Through ZOG Digital and our parent company Investis, we work with over 2,000 global brands and have guided our clients through many of the challenges and opportunities that we discussed.

I’ve been to a number of marketing events, and I can honestly say the CMO summit was unlike any other. Pete Krainik and his team at the CMO Club know how to put on a remarkable multi-day event. I encourage any marketing decision maker to look into the CMO Club for peer insight, thought leadership and great camaraderie. 

Check out more about the 2018 Spring Summit on the CMO Club's site. 

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