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April 01, 2016

The Consulting Chronicle Vol.10: Apple's transparency

Written by Investis Digital

Here's a summary of interesting discoveries that the Investis Consulting team has made recently as we go about our work. Showcasing new projects, innovative content, smart tech and good reads:


simplicity   Simply overrated?
Robert Hoekman Jr., writing on explains how there is a mass misconception about what constitutes 'simplicity' in design. He makes the point that modern products, websites etc. are increasingly complex, so we need to start viewing 'simple' as an inherently relative term.
timcook   Apple's message to their customers (and competitors)
This post from Bowen Craggs highlights the importance of Apple's transparent statement regarding the recent FBI unlocking affair. Placed prominently on their homepage, it shows the value in promoting content that doesn't just focus on a company's products and services.
mobileapp   Top tips for mobile app design
Google have created a very readable guide to the basics of mobile app design. Readers are taken chapter by chapter through different aspects that need to be considered when designing apps, such as search functions, navigation, and data forms.
instagram   Please no, not another PowerPoint...
We really loved this post on from designer Ross Breadmore. Having grown bored of just creating slide deck after slide deck, Ross and his co-workers decided to come up with better ways of talking to their clients, including sketchbooks and instagram.

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