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November 01, 2017

Improving employer brand positioning with VR technology

Written by Investis Digital

Virtual reality (VR) technology is changing the way companies recruit new talent and communicate with candidates. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Julie Grzeda, director of global leadership programs and university relations at General Electric, revealed that GE started using virtual reality to improve its employer brand and showcase its tech-forward positioning with millennials and other audiences. Potential candidates at college and recruiting events don a VR headset to experience one of the company's new trains rushing across the plains or the technology behind its undersea oil and gas operations.


VR technology provides new ways to communicate your value proposition and stimulate excitement in potential candidates. Here are a few key ways VR could work for your organization.

Improve employer branding

With fierce competition for talent, employer branding is important. From innovative product positioning to a culture that prioritizes employee wellness, VR can immerse candidates in storylines that emphasize your company as a desirable place to work.

Showcase your products and work processes

VR videos provide an opportunity to show candidates what they'd be working on in a hands-on way. One technical company used recruiting videos to let candidates try their hand at welding in a time-sensitive environment. From in-person demos to previews of exciting products, VR brings your business dynamically to life.

Communicate your culture

VR technology lets brands showcase their culture. One company developed a video providing an inside look at teams working, company events and interviews with employees for a personalized tour of the culture they would be joining. Your culture is a strong asset to attracting the team you want — and VR can help vividly illustrate that.


Brands can use VR technology as part of their candidate communications strategy. Have fun, experiment and use this emerging channel as an integrated piece of your overall recruiting efforts.


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Liz Alton writes about technology, marketing and business for enterprise audiences. She's a Forbes contributor and her writing has been published in Inc, USA Today, Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post, Mic, Harvard Business Review blogs and the WSJ. She holds an MBA and a BA in journalism, and is completing a masters in Journalism at Harvard.

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