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December 11, 2015

Webcasting: Video is more effective than audio

Written by Investis Digital


Two-thirds of companies globally webcast their earnings and results announcements, making this by some way the most commonly webcast investor event.


Webcasting is commonly held to be a useful way to expand the reach of these events but its value and return on investment have largely been based on anecdote. Up until now there has been little hard evidence of whether the trouble and expense of results webcasting is justified.


Our latest report uses our IQ benchmarking data covering 1,750 companies from around the world, analysis of hundreds of results announcements that we have webcast in the past two years and a specially commissioned survey of buy-side professionals to look at results webcasting in detail.


The report reveals powerful evidence that video webcasting is significantly more effective than audio webcasting.


Key findings include:

  • Results webcasting is more popular in the US than in Europe – but while almost no company in the US video-webcasts, it is far more popular in Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Around 40% of the webcast audience comes from financial institutions, a quarter are company employees and 20% are private investors.
  • The audience size for results webcasting is steadily increasing – up 13% on 2014. However, the financial institution audience is up 15%, private investors are up 18% and the internal audience is up 22%.
  • When surveyed, 46% of 350 global buy-side professionals said they found video webcasting for results more useful than audio, while just 6% thought the opposite. Yet only 18% of companies globally choose to video-webcast.
  • Companies that video-webcast their results rather than audio-webcast 65% more people watch it live and 110% more people watch it on demand.
  • Results video webcasts attracted 85% more financial professionals in 2015 than in 2014 and 181% more private investors.

Overall, the report shows that while video webcasting may be more expensive than audio, it is good value for money because your messages – good or bad – are delivered in the most effective way in the format that your primary stakeholders want.


You can download the specific report for your region here:

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