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February 16, 2016

IQ: Companies respond to surge in mobile visits

Written by Investis Digital

In Q4 of 2015, Investis scored the websites and digital presences of around 400 companies across a number of leading indices.  Now with the release of our FTSE 250 Q4 report, we take a moment to reflect on some of the global performance trends and findings.


The FTSE 250 score is running nearly parallel to the average global score of 46%. Almost all the other indices scored in Q4 have performed higher than this global average score, so the FTSE 250 needs to do more if it is to keep pace with the global competition.


Investis_Global Ranking


Of the companies scored globally, 64% saw an improvement in their overall score, while around 30% saw a score increase in their Mobile score. This indicates that companies have started to accept the mobile proposition as distinct from that of the general corporate website. Organisations that have yet to respond to this issue are now potentially losing out to competition, both within their own markets and globally.

While the substantial improvement in the use of mobile is a positive trend, there appears to be a struggle for the organisations globally to make effective use of CSR and Multimedia content to enliven their sites. Using the FTSE 250 as an example, only half have a dedicated CSR section and only 20% display messages by senior management.


Simply reporting on CSR is not enough; the best scoring websites almost always have more interactive elements and use of multimedia to support their narrative. Almost all indices scored could benefit from enhancements in their CSR reporting. This could include: statements of policies/principles, message or introduction by CEO/executive director, details of CSR areas and videos.



Interserve’s News & Media page
Interserve are the top rated company for Social Media on the FTSE 250


The average Social Media scores across the indexes scored were also up by 16%. Despite this positive increase, there remains room for improvement, with social media still proving a tricky prospect for many companies. Increased engagement on social channels is required if scores are to increase.


Overall, while the overall rise in scores for indices is commendable there remain areas for improvement for all. For the FTSE 250, this action needs to come sooner rather than later if its going to prevent other indices achieving an unassailable lead.

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