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May 03, 2016

10 tips for successful webcasting

Written by Investis Digital

For investor and corporate events, live-streaming for global audiences and on-demand access can significantly increase stakeholder engagement. The use of audio or video webcasting for Investor Days, Results Days, Capital Markets Days, AGMs and important company announcements can ensure you get the most out of the extensive preparation that these events require. Investis completed around 250 webcasts in 2015 and based on our experience, here are our top tips for getting the most from your webcast.

 Fully commit to webcasting 

Preparing well and early will help you present confidently. If you make the decision to webcast, commit to promoting the event properly (both internally and externally) ensuring maximum engagement and ROI. 

Work to a schedule 

Work with your webcasting provider well in advance of the event to create a detailed delivery schedule. In terms of promoting the webcast, provide a pre-registration page as early as possible to allow users to test the software and reduce the time to sign in on the day of results. 

Choose a responsive player 

Ensure the webcast player works across all devices, especially mobile and tablets. Views from mobile are on the increase and you need to be able to serve your audience no matter how they choose to view your webcast. 

Customise and brand 

Brand your webcast player and sign-up pages to ensure continuity of user experience with your website (click the example below to see how it matches the website design).


Asos webcasting

Venue reconnaissance 

First webcast or unfamiliar with the location? Visit the venue prior to the day and ask the venue owners to walk you through their setup. Ensure your webcasting provider joins you or has had time to perform technical checks ahead of the webcast. 

Rehearsing helps 

Rehearse the presentation with the presenter or leadership team. If possible, try recording them on a phone or device and pick up on areas of the presentation they struggle with or any presenting habits they may not be aware of. If there's a Q&A, work through questions that could be asked and (respectfully) try to put the presenter under pressure to see if there are any gaps in their knowledge. 

Question time 

Allow questions to be submitted via the webcast player as well as from the audience and conference line. Your audience will feel more engaged if they feel they can interact with you. 

Quick turnaround 

Ensure your webcast provider delivers the on demand recording of the event ASAP. If webcasting in the morning in UK for example, US audiences will be awake and potentially want to view on demand less than five hours later. 

Make it accessible 

Provide a transcript of the event as soon as you can after the event. See if parts of the webcast can also be utilised for social media channels - sharing can increase engagement after the event. 

Archive your webcasts 

Continue to provide the recorded webcast for at least 12 months on your website – viewing will decrease following the event but will increase just before the next results announcement.

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