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May 06, 2016

Bold and dynamic steps for a new approach to reporting: ArcelorMittal

Written by Investis Digital

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ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company recently launched their 2015 online annual review and fact book which Investis designed and built. It’s fair to say that it’s an evolution from previous years, with a much richer visual feel. It’s the first year in a three-year plan towards an integrated reporting approach, which aims to tie together sustainability and operational performance in an integrated way that many of the world’s largest companies are now adopting.


The annual review draws on the 10 sustainable development outcomes which were developed last year as a new approach to driving sustainable development value throughout the business, and reported on within their previous sustainable development (SD) report.


Dr Alan Knight, general manager for corporate responsibility commented “This is a big step forward for us in how we tell our stakeholders what we’re doing about our material issues. Our new approach to sustainability reporting means we’re making it easier for people to follow the progress on our 10 outcomes, by providing all our updates in one place. And with the launch of our new annual review, we’ll be making the connection between our sustainable development performance and our operational performance, for the first time”.


In addition, the annual review serves as a showcase for Action 2020, the company’s new five-year strategic roadmap for each of the main business segments.


The review also takes a digital-first approach for the first time – with no typeset PDF report being created - with the focus on creating engaging and tailored content for the online audience – across desktop, mobile and tablet. However, for those that still want to print or save content for offline viewing, we utilised a version of our PDF generator which outputs HTML (web pages) content into high-quality PDF pages. These can be packaged up with a front cover to create highly professional and personalised reports, and only including the content most important to the user.


Aligned to the publication of the annual review and because of the move towards an integrated reporting approach, the SD team within ArcelorMittal have moved to a continuous reporting approach based around the 10 outcomes, with quarterly updates from the company’s leadership. This provides a more realistic approach to the delivery of change within the business that is happening each and every day, and which will help the business gather momentum around the 10 SD outcomes it knows it must deliver for long-term value.


10 outcomes – ArcelorMittal

As a result, the SD section of the ArcelorMittal corporate website has now evolved to include more dynamic elements. A content hub pulls in tagged content from across the rest of the site, organising this by the 10 outcomes, with blogs, press releases, case studies and insights documenting the progress in these areas. In addition, a reporting hub has also been included, designed to better present the entire reporting landscape of the company: an archive of corporate and country reports, including highlights and case studies from each country, along with links to its annual review, its annual performance data in interactive charts, and its GRI index.


The Investis project team was led by our creative director, Simon Gittings, working closely with the brand, SD and IR teams at ArcelorMittal. It was an ambitious project undertaken to tight deadlines but the early signs are that it’s a success. We shall monitor site usage closely with our Audience Insight solution, to understand if the targeted stakeholders are using the site as designed – there may be a surprise or two, and we can use this valuable data to ensure that the solution continues to evolve, rather like the ArcelorMittal reporting approach.


If you have a moment, why not take a look at some of the key features:

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