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June 15, 2016

Investis IQ ranking: Nordic corporate websites score high in global comparison

Written by Investis Digital

In March 2016 Investis scored all of the corporate websites within the four main Nordic indexes as part of our Investis IQ website benchmarking research. We have now published each of those index reports highlighting the best and worst performing companies within those indexes. If you can’t wait to see those reports then visit here.


In the years we have been measuring the quality of websites and digital estates within the Nordic indexes, we have historically seen high scores, as they have constantly pioneered with the adoption of new technology – Danske Bank was always a company that stood out as an early adopter of new ways to engage corporate audiences, and there are countless others that have been open to innovation in digital corporate communications.


In 2016 the picture remains largely the same, with the OMXH 25 the highest scoring index globally, and many of the Nordic corporate websites scoring in the Top 20 of all websites scored globally. The OMXH 25 scores 65% on average followed by the OMXS 30 with 59%, the OMXC 20 with 56% and lastly the OBX with 47%. 

Strong performance in IR and governance 

In regards to the trends around good content and areas for improvement, these are consistent across all four indexes, as most do well in the same categories, and most could improve in the same categories. IR content for instance is generally well addressed, as is corporate governance content, with a number of companies scoring 100%. The weakest content categories are CSR and Careers, which are the lowest scores across all four of the indexes but this is seen across most indexes we score. Strong performers in CSR and worth a look are Assa Abloy and Wärtsilä. In the careers category, Ericsson score 80%, well ahead of the next best performer who score 74. 

Finnish website top in the Nordics 

Overall, the top three websites actually come from OMXH 25 with Fortum, Wärtsilä and Outotec all scoring more than 74%. The top performers from the other three indexes are SSAB, Novo Nordisk and Yara International. All of these sites are optimised for mobile viewing, have a good depth of content and utilise video and social media channels. The Fortum website has the highest score across all of the indexes, scoring at the top or in the top three of the OMXH 25 in all categories across user experience and content except mobile and social media.


The best websites in each of the Nordic indexes (click to view):


AMP example 1
In summary, the Nordic region has relatively strong performing indexes, and is well represented on the global stage by the leading sites. Improvements can be made across Careers and CSR content and we shall see in future reports whether these companies start to treat these important stakeholder groups with the attention they deserve – and in relation to Careers content, the measurable ROI of delivering a great digital experience to the target audience is perhaps greater than any other stakeholder group.

For a more detailed view of each index please take a look at the reports which you can see here. If you have any questions about any of the reports or would like to see your own detailed report please contact

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