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July 20, 2016

Nordic IPO report: Rising to the challenge of established markets

Written by Investis Digital

Our latest research in the Nordic region assesses the digital readiness of 15 companies that publicly listed in 2015 on the NASDAQ OMXS, NASDAQ Helsinki OBX indexes. These companies were benchmarked against 148 companies already listed in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, and which we have scored in the last 12 months.


We utilized our IQ web ranking methodology to evaluate more than 200 criteria across content and user experience categories, to understand if these companies are properly using their corporate websites to support their broader investor relations objectives.


The report shows that there was one strong performer, Schibsted, who ranked higher than the Nordic regional average, although most companies are failing to adequately use digital to tell their investor story.


The Nordic IPO average was 37%, significantly below the top performing Nordic index average achieved by OMXH25 of 65% and still 10% below the weakest performing index achieved by the OBX at 47%. However, for greater context, the Nordic IPO companies outperformed their UK counterparts who only averaged 29%, and were 1% behind DACH IPOs who scored 38%.


This broader view of IPO companies shows that the majority of companies list with corporate websites that do not adequately present the information that their diverse group of stakeholders want and need to make informed and accurate investment decisions. It is actually hugely important because we know that existing and potential investors are using the corporate website to receive the information they require, because our Audience Intelligence database that has identified more than 250,000 organisations, shows these banks, funds and other stakeholders looking at multiple pages across our client’s websites on a daily basis. There is clearly the opportunity to engage and influence these visitors.


In addition, the 2016 Rivel Research study of 2016 on behalf of Investis asked more than 350 Buy-side professionals whether the quality of a website had an impact on their investment decision making, and 73% stated that it did have at least “somewhat” or “a lot” of impact.


Companies planning to list are subject to significant fees from the various advisers supporting them through the IPO process, and rightly so, but by failing to properly consider the digital channel as an influential medium with stakeholders, these companies are not doing everything they can to ensure they achieve their target pricing. Developing a successful digital strategy is not easy, but by committing the right amount of time and resource, and by working with the right digital partner, you give yourself the best chance of engaging and positively influencing your stakeholders.


Download the report here to find out more about the best IPO websites in the Nordic region and learn ten tips for how to create a great IPO website.

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