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August 31, 2016

Communicating Brexit to stakeholders

Written by Investis Digital

The political and economic uncertainty of Brexit has left many companies unsure of how to communicate externally on this very sensitive and complicated subject. However, for companies with significant international transactions or interests, it’s advisable to offer some form of communication to stakeholders to acknowledge the potential impact of Brexit on the business. We have seen a number of communication strategies adopted thus far, some of which are outlined below.

 Press release statement


Companies heavily involved in international trade have seen the need to comment. Amber Road provides automation for import/export processes across international boundaries, and thus have a strong interest in news around Brexit. The company released a press release entitled ‘What will this mean for global trade’ on their Investors website. The release is factual, outlining the Government’s process of leaving followed by a general impact on EU customs and trade laws. The press release does not offer any judgement on the subject of Brexit but assures readers that it will closely monitor the changes.


Like Amber Road, non-UK based companies are issuing statements. Asset manager Alcentra Capital Corporation is based in the US and listed on the NASDAQ, but provides a brief comment to outline its exposure to UK investments and the impact Brexit might have on its portfolio. 

Management interview 

Allianz is an international financial services company. The company has released a number of statements on Brexit, both in the lead up to the vote and afterwards. One of its releases was an interview and statement from the company’s Chief Investment Officer and Chief Economist on its Press section, talking about the consequences of the decision for global markets and the economy. The interview covered a number of topics, from the implications for investment strategies to what will it mean for their insurance customers. Having senior management figures at the centre of the communication strategy conveys that Brexit is being discussed at the highest levels within Allianz - likely true for all companies, but effectively communicated here. 


RSA Insurance Group has chosen to address the potential concerns of a customers and published Referendum Outcome FAQs to address immediate queries. From travel insurance to pet insurance (when travelling to Europe), the page covers the general breadth of questions that consumers might have. The page reassures customers that any important changes will be announced on the company's website and social media channels, and provides email addresses to contact in case visitors have other queries.

Barclays combine a statement from the Group Chief Executive with an FAQ, first offering assurance around the bank’s strategy, then answering immediate questions on the bank’s preparations, financial outlook and their future approach to international markets.


Each company’s strategy for digital communication about the impact of Brexit on their business should carefully consider their audience's needs and the type of engagement already taking place offline; whilst we believe that a company website should be the primary source of information for all stakeholders, it must be consistent and accurate. At Investis, we help our clients to communicate more effectively thanks to advanced data provided by Audience Insight. If you require assistance in communicating your message more effectively on your website, please get in touch.

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