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August 19, 2016

The Consulting Chronicle Vol. 14: Olympic Special

Written by Investis Digital

Inspired by the big event and our recent Innovation at the Olympics blog, this week the Investis Consulting Team are taking a look at the digital stories that have come out of Rio over the last couple of weeks:


Simone Bile   NY Times snapchat style content
Showing that video isn't everything on it's own, the NY Times adopted a unique approach to explaining how some of the best athletes manage to perform to the level that they do. Combing short video, explanatory text snippets and animation, here's Simone Bile's incredible story.
DanFromNam   Why we should all have a 'second story'
Namibian cyclist Dan Craven made an impression on the Olympics cycling events. By supposedly tweeting live through the road race he drew attention to his own 'authentic personal story.'
Collyn Ahart, Dan's accomplice in the live tweeting, wrote a great blog about why all sports people, and in turn all of us, need a second story.
Google Trends   Google winning at Olympics search
With so many events to keep up to date with, thank goodness for Google, who have helped us avoid missing out on when, where and who. They have provided simple and effective search results for every sporting event. They've also created the Olympics Trends Hub so we can explore a world of related data. Ever wondered who would top the medals table, based on population?
JR Artist   Street artist JR makes a huge splash
Finally the french artist JR has returned to Rio to install three massive new pieces of art. He is well know for his previous work in the favelas, such as Women are Heroes. Now as an official Olympic artist in residence, he is aiming to promote "Olympism and it's values to the widest possible audience.'


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