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October 24, 2019

Google Discovery Ads: What Advertisers Need to Know

Written by Ceira O'Neill-Stewart
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Not everyone uses Google expressly to make purchases. Sometimes we’re in discovery mode, such as when we’re hanging out on YouTube to casually browse through videos or scrolling through Gmail. That’s why, in May, Google announced a new ad format, Discovery ads, which are soon becoming widely available. At Investis Digital, we’ve worked with a number of clients to use Discovery ads. Here are some questions we’ve answered along the way:

What Exactly Are Discovery Ads?

Technically, Discovery ads don’t look really that different than other ads you see on Google. On one’s search feed, they look like large display ads. In Gmail, they look like regular Gmail ads.

What makes them different isn’t so much how they look but how they function. Advertisers supply Google a few images, a headline (up to five), and copy. Google uses machine learning to create the ad and place it at the right time and place to an audience you want to target. The ads may appear in the Google Discover feed, YouTube home feed and the social/promotions tabs in Gmail.

Essentially, you’re relying on Google to do the heavy lifting for you and target an audience you want to reach.

How Does Google Target Audiences?

As reported in Search Engine Land, “depending on users’ account settings, Google may use web and app activity, device information, location history and home location to personalize feed content.” Targeting audiences based on these factors represents a big change for Google, which as traditionally developed advertising products based on search behavior.

Image Courtesy of Google

Why Are They Called Discovery Ads?

The format is explicitly designed to reach people when they in a browsing mindset on Google properties. According to Google, 76 percent of consumers enjoy making discoveries when shopping; and 85 percent will take a product-related action within 24 hours of discovering a product. By targeting an audience, an advertiser can get in front of people when they are open to discovering new brands and services.

The term “Discovery ad” also refers to the content feed that appears on the home page of the Google. Users can customize their feeds based on topics that interest them. Google launched the Discover feed in September 2018.

Why Is Google Launching Discovery Ads?

Google wants to help advertisers take people from discovery mode to purchase mode. By getting advertisers in front of people when they are in early stages of awareness and consideration, Google hopes to move searchers along the marketing funnel to purchase. Because Discovery ads appear higher in the funnel, they are unlikely to include calls to action involving a purchase. The idea is to move the customer down the funnel, not hit them over the head with a hard sell.

Image Courtesy of Google

What Is the Compensation Model?

The cost model is pay per click, similar to other Google search campaigns.

What Should I Do If I Want to Use Discovery Ads?

They are not live as of this writing. As a Google partner, though, Investis Digital can get you whitelisted to participate. We’ve worked with a number of clients to use Discovery ads already and possess a deep understanding of how to succeed with Google Ads.

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