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April 09, 2019

Google Maps marketing with events and visual storytelling

Written by Nick Wineland
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Google Maps is more than the most popular wayfinding app. It’s also a source of innovative ways for users to share content including social shares and status updates. It’s important that businesses follow these innovations to improve their own Google Maps marketing. Some of them affect how businesses may interact with consumers on Google Maps. A few recent features, Public events and a new photo filter, are examples. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Public events. A new feature in development on the Android platform makes it possible for users to create public events. Users can name the event and specify its location, date, and time, along with other information such as what’s taking place at the event. Businesses have been able to create events on Google Maps for some time. They should pay attention to how this user-focused feature unfolds because user-hosted events could be relevant to a business. For example, what if a restaurant notices that a user has posted on Google Maps information about a spikeball tournament or a pop-up music event at a nearby park? The business could capitalize on this information by advertising a relevant offer on its own Google Maps listing, such as discounts for spikeball players on the day of the tournament.
  • New photo filter. Google has launched a new feature that allows users to view the most recent photos uploaded for a location. For example, if a user is using Google Maps to see what a nightclub or hotel actually looks like, the user can view the business’s most recently uploaded images. In addition, Google Maps now displays more thumbnail images of a given location when a user is scrolling through visual content. These changes have a direct impact on a business. At a time when people take trillions of photos on their smartphones daily, visual storytelling is a must-do for businesses. Look at it this way: no responsible business would ever let its location data and content go out of date. The same principle holds true for visual content: it’s essential that your business keep its visual content up to date (especially if you’ve undergone a remodeling or updated your storefront signage). And it’s vital that you upload images that make your location sparkle, especially because users can look at more images on their screen to judge whether they want to visit.

Google Maps

Google will continue to change Google Maps within the coming months to make it a more engaging and social destination for users. At Investis Digital, we help brands become more findable and engaging across the entire digital world, including on destinations such as Google Maps. We use a variety of services including SEO, paid media, and social media.

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