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July 30, 2019

Groupon increases click-through rate with a content strategy

Written by Kristen Kalupski
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For ecommerce brands, keeping a pulse on how search engines are evolving to meet user needs is imperative to maintaining your position in the digital marketplace. A case in point: Groupon, a leading global ecommerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering things to do, travel options, goods, and services.

 The Challenge: Capture “Things to Do” Searches 

Recently Groupon sought new ideas and a fresh approach to capitalize on highly searched “Things To Do” keywords with efficiency and agility. Groupon partnered with Investis Digital to investigate the landscape, find a competitive advantage, and provide content recommendations that addressed user’s needs for both up-to-date deals and travel recommendations. The goal of the relationship was to improve rank for Things To Do search terms, increase traffic, and by default clickthrough rate.


The Solution: Flesh out a Content Strategy 

Through the lens of the Things To Do keyword set, we analyzed the search engine results page to discover the attributes of successful content prior to production. We gained a deeper understanding of how search engines are rewarding brands for using strong formatting, including relevant topics, and increasing information density. With this insight, we crafted a content strategy not only blended Groupon’s global deal marketplace with additional content creation, but also drove increased traffic from our target audiences: frequent travelers and residents for the top cities in the United States.

A 110-percent increase in CTR

As a result, we identified the attributes of successful website content in this category, including:

  • High content length to account for many topics, landmarks, and attractions
  • Actionable language to encourage exploration

We made a number of improvements to Groupon’s site, resulting in a 110-percent increase in CTR during the observation period.

Learn More: Read the Groupon Case Study 

Our newly published case study, “Increasing CTR with Content Strategy for leading eCommerce Brand,” contains more detail about how we helped Groupon improve CTR. Read it today.

At Investis Digital, we help clients around the world create content that achieves results. Contact us to learn how we can help your company do the same.

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