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July 22, 2019

How Connect.ID helps businesses gain control of their content

Written by Don Scales
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Businesses are under enormous pressure to constantly develop content that connects with their audiences across a rapidly developing digital universe – one that spans their websites, apps, socials, and other myriad touchpoints. Not a day goes by without an executive telling me just how hard it is to keep pace with their customers, shareholders, job seekers, and employees. And they need to do that while trying to keep their communications environments secure in a world where threats are increasing. And that’s why I’m so excited that Investis Digital is launching Connect.ID.

How to Deliver Enterprise-Grade Websites at Scale

Connect.ID is a proprietary Investis Digital technology suite that delivers enterprise-grade business websites and content at scale – rapidly, securely, and effectively. With Connect.ID, our clients get a complete web development, content management, and analytics solution that enables the rapid deployment and reporting of secure content across websites, mobile apps, landing pages, and social networks. 

How to Support Website Launches Quickly and Efficiently

Connect.ID hits head-on the problem of securely and rapidly developing content that keeps pace with multiple audiences. A fully managed platform as a service solution, Connect.ID is engineered to support the development and launch of websites with low cost of entry, reduced ongoing costs, accelerated setup, and best-in-class hosting and security. How? Because we use pre-tested, customizable website components ready for rapid assembly and deployment and supported by best-in-class engineering standards and security.

In addition, Connect.ID relies on a unified cloud-based solution that allows our clients to manage, monitor, and measure all the services you have with Investis Digital, providing content management access, analytics, and SEO in a single, easy-to-use management portal.

Connect.ID is designed to work in tandem with Investis Digital’s unique and proprietary approach to building digital connections between customers and their audiences: Connected Content, which unites communications, digital experiences, and performance marketing to deliver results. 

Connect.ID has been deployed with success in more than 20 countries and is already trusted by more than 700 companies globally, including 30 percent of the FTSE350 and 10 percent of the S&P500. Further, Connect.ID is ISMS 27001, ISO 9001 accredited and EU GDPR Regulation (2016/679) certified.

Contact Investis Digital

To learn more about how Connect.ID can help you, contact us. Let us show you how Connect.ID can transform the way you launch new sites and manage content and campaigns across your entire digital ecosystem.

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