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December 19, 2019

How to Amplify Your Sustainability/ESG Story

Written by Kristen Kalupski
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Sustainability/ESG is on the minds of most CEOs around the world, including our own CEO, Don Scales. In a new column for Forbes, Don Scales discusses why sustainability/ESG has rocketed to the top of the marketing/communications priority list for businesses around the world. He also tackles the challenges that businesses face in sharing their own sustainability/ESG efforts. And make no mistake: businesses need to tell the world about how they have embraced sustainability/ESG in order to show other companies best practices.

Investis Digital also recently published a report, The New ESG Agenda. This white paper provides a complete snapshot of the sustainability/ESG landscape, including:

  • How consumers, investors, and job seekers are driving a new agenda for embracing sustainability/ESG.
  • How, specifically, Gen Z is ushering in a new era of transparency and accountability.
  • Specific steps that businesses can take to improve the way they tell the story of their commitment to sustainability/ESG.

The white paper is based on our own extensive helping companies find a clear, authentic, and inspiring voice to engage with their audiences on sustainability/ESG issues, driving advocacy, and engagement.

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We suggest reading the report and Don’s column together for a comprehensive perspective. Download a copy of our new point of view and read Don’s column here to learn how to amplify your own story of sustainability/ESG.

We combine strategic insight with original ideas to create a sustainability narrative that’s relevant and compelling for each of the audiences your work affects. A story that goes beyond policies and performance, unlocking awareness, affinity, and action across every stakeholder group.

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