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May 24, 2018

More than a ping-pong table: ZD crushes company culture

Written by Investis Digital

When ZD was acquired by Investis last fall, one of the things they praised was our culture. And a culture is made up of a lot of different elements: people, services, nimbleness. Air hockey. Burrito breakfasts. #DOGDigital.

Don't let the 50 pairs of sneakers in my office fool you. I do not race. 

As managing director of ZD, I have the pleasure of overseeing our office’s vibe. Sometimes this involves a bullhorn and bourbon, but more often than not, our people take care of things themselves. I’m most proud of our culture because it creates an atmosphere where people want to be. They want to work hard, they want to work long hours—and not only for ZD, but for our clients. We've worked for years to make our workplace fluid with people's lives. Work-life balance is a big part of why we’re so successful, and why our digital marketing experts stick around for years and years.

Our commitment is also reflected in our daily interactions. You can go to every single person, regardless of their title, and they're happy to talk, teach, or collaborate.

Droppin' science. 

We do cool things to celebrate successes, but we also host different activities for the hell of it.

Our founder, Jeff Herzog, challenged the team to an annual PPP — planks, pull-ups, and pushups. (Even with 20+ years on some of our associates, I’m pretty sure he won every year.)

Name withheld to protect the innocent inept.

For the Fantasy Football draft, we stay late and order pizza and talk smack.

Yes, that is an 8-foot tall inflatable Chicago Bear.

A Halloween costume contest wherein we are upstaged by the dogs:

James & "Hilarity-ensues Riley"

And the food! Our Thanksgiving feasts are epic, the perfect exercise to stretch out our tummies before the real deal. (I’ve never seen so many men with crockpots in my life, by the way.) Tres de Cinco de Mayo and the Guac-off contest are delicious but mostly an excuse to eat chips and crack open some Coronas.

We also go bowling, raise money for charity by shaving off hair, and swap ridiculous gifts at the holiday White Elephant. We spend a lot of time together.

Now that we’re a global company, we get to interact with colleagues in London, India, Finland, and good ol’ New York City, so I imagine we’ll continue to add to the list of what makes us us. Right team? Brilliant.

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