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March 28, 2019

Why Investis Digital bought Vertical Measures

Written by Don Scales
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Throughout my career, I have been involved in a number of mergers and acquisitions, both on the buying and selling ends. No two are exactly alike, but the most successful ones have two things in common: a strong cultural fit and a focus on serving clients better. That’s why I’m excited about Investis Digital’s acquisition of Vertical Measures, which we announced today.

Based in Phoenix, Vertical Measures has an especially strong reputation for digital marketing strategy, content marketing, paid and organic search, lead nurturing, and conversion rate optimization. The acquisition of Vertical Measures further bolsters Investis Digital’s ability to deliver on our Connected Content™ approach, which combines storytelling and digital experiences with performance marketing and technology to deliver measurable results.

The acquisition fits perfectly into Investis Digital’s ongoing strategy to diversify and grow our business through innovative investments that best serve our clients and be more competitive in the marketplace. For example, Vertical Measures enriches our Connected Content™ approach by helping us deliver the most relevant audiences to our clients and to measure results.

Like Investis Digital, Vertical Measures has a strong client base for us to build upon. Their contribution to sustaining revenue growth and profitability will contribute to the growth of our company – but even more importantly, we’ll offer our combined clients a stronger complement of marketing skills. We will take deeper insights that we learn about our clients’ audiences to help clients create content for their different audiences on a secure platform. We’ll also improve the way we use tactics such as paid media and SEO to attract audiences to the content we create.

But the key to making the relationship work is having a cultural fit. As I got to know the company better, I realized that Investis Digital and Vertical Measures share an energetic, passionate, results-driven culture. We share common brand values such as bringing passion, innovating, and measuring success. In fact, I feel like we are merging two great companies rather than buying one.

Today we issued a press release sharing the exciting news. Soon the marketplace will start seeing results of today’s news as we share how we’re meeting client needs together. Today is about celebrating our people and our combined focus on our clients. Congratulations to all our people and our clients!

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