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February 08, 2019

ID work for Rolls-Royce wins RAD Awards

Written by Don Scales
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I am proud to announce that our work for the Rolls-Royce “Race Your Code” campaign has achieved two incredible honors at the 2019 RAD Awards – for Innovation and Best Creative Idea!

The RAD Awards celebrate the best in recruitment communications and has been one of the most prestigious hallmarks of excellent in the United Kingdom for almost 30 years. As discussed in this press release, Investis Digital developed Race Your Code with our client to raise awareness for digital roles available at Rolls-Royce.

Race Your Code challenged entrants to program teams of miniature prototypes of autonomous vehicles and race them around a table-top style track. Contestants were allowed 45-minute practice periods to test their robotic vehicles and hack their code designs as often as necessary to improve their performance before entering a race. The races were broadcast over Twitch, enabling both participants and spectators to watch the action unfold. The campaign was a key means of raising awareness about Rolls-Royce’s digital expertise, and for reaching a new type of candidate. Here’s a video that shows you how Rolls-Royce recruited participants:

The contest achieved some impressive results: more than 971,000 total impressions and 5,000 likes, comments, shares, and retweets across Rolls-Royce’s social channels. The campaign generated huge buzz also helped attract digitally savvy talent to a company renowned for world-class engineering. I’m especially pleased at how our collaboration brought together creativity and data-driven insight to produce a creative outcome.

I like what Dan Perkins, Global Employer Brand Manager for Rolls-Royce, said about the work in the following video:

RAD Awards with Rolls-Royce from Investis Digital on Vimeo.

 As Dan pointed out, I think this was so successful because of the creativity, the insight that went into it. The brief was spot on . . . It was executed really well. [Investis Digital] brought a complete and different level of insight and creativity to the campaign.”

As we noted in the press release, Race Your Code was the focal point of a wide-reaching program of work that included redefining Rolls-Royce’s employer value proposition, improving the user experience for online applicants, creating content in all formats from film to animation, and site design and build including frictionless integration with ATS (Applicant Tracking System), among other elements.

Our work with Rolls-Royce is one of many examples of how we help businesses use digital to attract talent. We’ve built more than 80 careers websites and hundreds of powerful digital recruitment and employee engagement experiences to help companies hire and retain talent. This work includes developing employee value propositions, building out brand stories to attract talent, and designing/developing effective platforms. Contact us to learn more – and congratulations to our client and our people!

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