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February 03, 2017

ZOG Digital Innovation Summit: Work smart and play hard

Written by Investis Digital

Paul Headley, Head of Analytics at ZOG Digital, summed up the marketing and brand challenges we face every day: digital marketing breeds competition. We’re not working against each other, we’re working together. With innovation, our summit’s theme, manifesting all over our industry, we need to reduce friction and build trust to work smarter. By working together and breaking down silos, digital marketers and brands create a more efficient and successful experience across channels.

The digital world moves fast. Each touchpoint is important to the user journey, such as: search, forms of content, paid advertising, and social media. We have to provide a full-funnel, Connected Content marketing solution.

How to work smarter

Data-informed marketing strategies enable you to work efficiently. Analyzing your web performance can help you define where you’re strong and where the weaknesses reside.

Brand messaging must be united across all channels and audiences. By grounding content strategy in all aspects of digital marketing, your consistent brand messaging will manifest across teams too.

How to play hard and build trust

A common theme at all stages of the consumer journey is that of trust. Trust leads to brand affinity, loyalty, and, ultimately, conversions. Brands must understand your target audiences and where they are within the overall purchase funnel.

If you don’t take the time to understand where your audience is and what they are looking for, content will be ineffective and resources will be wasted. A brand's content inherently affects their bottom line and overall authenticity.

If you missed this year's ZOG Digital Innovation Summit, don’t fret — we’ve got key takeaways headed your way soon. Stay tuned!

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