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November 01, 2018

Insights from Incite

Written by MacKenzie Levy
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Investis Digital was thrilled to kick off Incite Group’s 2018 Brand Marketing Summit by sponsoring a pre-registration cocktail reception, introducing our new brand and logo with cozies, signs, and silicone wine glasses.  

Investis Digital sponsor

The following day, we sat alongside senior marketing, digital, and social media executives to discuss how companies can create impactful experiences that communicate a clear brand purpose and narrative.  

“People crave brands that stand for something,” said Jill Cress, Chief Marketing Officer at National Geographic. Her comments came during one of the conference’s opening sessions, “The Marketing Trifecta: Content, Purpose, and Action.” National Geographic, an organization founded over 130 years ago, has maintained its reputation of exhibiting raw and powerful photographs. Coupled with the company’s iconic logo, the brand exemplifies Cress’ claim.  

As a digital communications company, we couldn’t agree with her more. But in today’s digital landscape, standing for something isn’t enough. Companies need to engage with their audiences. So how do we define “engagement?”  

Molly Battin, Turner’s Executive Vice President and Global Chief Communications and Corporate Marketing Officer, answered this question when she discussed the importance of building fans, and the power that fans have over elevating a company’s brand narrative. Battin reminded us that the term “fan” is short for “fanatic,” and that when concentrating on engagement, companies should focus on building a fan base at a product level as well as a corporate level.  

Battin’s comments caused us to reflect on the work we created with our client, Rolls Royce, and how we redesigned their website and digital properties to assist the company in attracting talent to compose an internal “fan base”  a motivated and engaged work force. Additionally, the work that we completed with Rolls Royce helped the organization build an external “fan base” across media outlets to ensure that the organization’s viewpoints and brand narrative are properly portrayed.  

We shared our perspective in a conversation covering the “Reinvention of Marketing,” hosted by our SVP of Strategy, Whitney Hart, and our Creative Director, Simon Gittings. Our introductory remarks gave way to a fireside chat covering the Twitter-worthy topic, “people are king, content is queen.” 

Incite 2018 - Simon Gittings Moderating

As the summit progressed, we moderated a panel centered around “Creating Integrated Brand Experiences at Every Touch Point, Inside and Outside.” This discussion was comprised of senior leadership from many of the world’s top brands, including Lenovo, Dell, Bloomberg Media Group, The Reset, and iFOLIO®. We covered topics such as:  

  • How companies can build master brands that match the quality of multiple product brands 
  • The process of creating a single brand image that speaks to the soul of the company – and building that brand image from within 
  • Making Lenovo meaningful across a full range of products and customers – which varies in each market and by individual 
  • How Lenovo manages to get inside the heads and hearts of customers to evolve with them and meet them where they are 

As the summit wound down, we shifted our focus to the future and discussed the trends we expect to see in 2019, including:  

  • The use of mixed media and multiple media formats for content 
  • Short- and long-form story videography to communicate the power of a brand and form more relationships 
  • Highly targeted and personalized storytelling that is conscious of a company’s audience’s needs and encourages individuals to interact with the brand   

Ian Koenig, our SVP of New Business Development, stated, “The summit reinforced the importance of scaling the impact of a corporate brand, and that to determine this impact, individuals must come up with a measurement framework that aligns with their business’ objectives. For example, regarding human resources, companies must evaluate how many applications they receive online directly versus via a job board, and how much time they are saving through amplifying their corporate careers site instead of using a recruiter. Concerning the media, it’s necessary for companies to implement a measurement framework to ensure that their brand’s narrative and points of view are accurately depicted across different outlets.” 

Overall, we left the summit inspired by both the content and conversations focused on brand building. We were thrilled to share our personal perspectives, and to learn from fellow marketing enthusiasts’ experiences. We’re already looking forward to next year's event 

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