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June 10, 2019

Introducing “Forecasting for Traffic & Revenue Potential”

Written by Investis Digital

Digital marketing spend keeps going up, which is good news and also challenging news. The good part: by 2023, CMOs will spend more than $146 billion on digital marketing, according to Forrester. Now for the challenging part: it’s not always easy for CMOs to know where to allocate their spend among an explosion of channels and platforms. Fortunately, a tool exists to help CMOs: traffic forecasting, the focus of a new Investis Digital white paper, “Forecasting for Traffic & Revenue Potential.”

Traffic Forecasting Is More Than a Search Tactic

As we discuss in the report, traffic forecasting is much more than a tactic to plan paid search campaigns. Traffic forecasting helps businesses balance spend and manage it effectively – whether you are a business-to-consumer or business-to-business organization. For example, identifying keyword-to-content value generates new opportunities in search and social channels with clearly defined revenue expectations. Projected engagement and ROI from defined keywords helps optimize content strategies around those opportunities. 

In addition, traffic forecasting helps you execute on different tactics more effectively. For example, understanding the impact of targeted keywords before you create content provides the insight you need to develop a supporting multi-channel framework. Consequently, marketers can develop comprehensive strategies and optimize content tailored to convert across landing pages, social channels, and paid media campaigns.

Traffic Forecasting Must Be Done Right

But traffic forecasting must be done right. To do efficient and effective traffic forecasting, an automated tool is key. That’s because forecasting is a complex process that requires ongoing management, multiple data sources, changing data sources, and complex calculations. If forecasting isn’t efficient, it will fail to balance out the cost vs. benefit. Businesses need automated tools to allocate marketing investments to get the right return.

Read our new white paper to get more insight into how traffic forecasting can make you a more effective business-to-consumer or business-to-business marketer – and how an automated tool will make all the difference in your success. This white paper will give you specific examples of how forecasting improves your performance. We’ve written this for any marketing and communications professional who wants to (or needs to) apply the value of performance marketing to drive visibility, engagement, traffic, and conversion. Get your custom traffic and revenue forecast started here:

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