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February 04, 2020

Introducing “Treating Patient Recruitment Like a Customer Journey”

Written by Ian Koenig
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To introduce new therapies into the market faster, it’s critical to rethink patient recruitment as a whole. And our new white paper, Treating Patient Recruitment Like a Customer Journey, provides an answer. 

If you are part of a clinical team, picture this scenario: you are three months into your trial and exceeding your enrollment forecast. You are finding, engaging, screening, and enrolling high-quality participants across all sites, some harder than others, but with relative ease. You are in total control – no longer reliant on your CRO or site staff to generate qualified participants, leaving them instead to do what they do best. Everyone is happy.

That scenario is real. In our new white paper, we show how you can meet or beat your enrollment deadline and save millions by treating patient recruitment as a customer journey from awareness to conversion.

The Key to Improving Patient Recruitment

We know from our client work that treating patient recruitment as a customer journey can accelerate your program. How? By harnessing the value of highly tailored content to attract only the right patients for the right clinical trial at the right time.

It sounds like an answer hiding in plain sight: combining a smart application of audience targeting with organic content to attract the highest quality participants. But companies have promised this type of recruitment solution for years with few, if any, results to show for it.

Until now.

How a Coordinated Effort Resulted in Early Randomization and $10 Million in Savings

Our white paper tells the story of how one clinical team worked with Investis Digital, Lazar-FINN Partners, and The Harte Group, to rescue the team’s program. Before the client engaged with our integrated team, the trial was behind schedule, costing the program millions in carry costs and an opportunity to bring a new therapy to market.

Then our integrated team got involved. We designed and leveraged a framework spanning patient awareness to conversion. Through our three-pronged approach, the clinical team saved its orphan drug program by fully enrolling six months early and $10 million under budget. How? Together we:

  • Identified and extensively modeled patient, caregiver, and physician audiences globally.
  • Devised a highly targeted outreach strategy.
  • Attracted highly qualified potential participants to the right site at exactly the right time through an omni-channel approach.
  • Made it easier for participants to screen for eligibility and for coordinators to follow up.

This case study is not a one-off event. The white paper outlines the process in detail and how you can apply it to virtually any trial.

Download Our Report

Learn how to apply our framework by downloading your copy of Treating Patient Recruitment Like a Customer Journey.

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