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January 31, 2020

Investis Digital to Attend 2020 Digital Summit Series Events

Written by Investis Digital

Investis Digital is pleased to announce its 2020 partnership with the Digital Summit series. After a very successful 2019, we will be present at many of the upcoming Summit events across the country. From Phoenix to Los Angeles, from Boston to Houston, and more, Investis Digital is looking forward to meeting the best digital minds wherever they live.

The Digital Summit series is a conference designed to bring together the best and brightest of the industry, in order to facilitate sharing, learning, and growing together. The events will feature the movers and shakers influencing the growth and success of digital marketing and will help to shape the future landscape of the digital economy.

This year, Investis Digital will be bringing our Directors of Strategic Development, John Triplett and Samantha Kermode, to the Digital Summits, and will be presenting a panel and workshop entitled, “The Domino Effect and the Billion-Dollar Differentiator: Create & Activate Your Owned Audience.” This workshop will examine why it is time to take a deeper look at your digital marketing strategy (or create one) and how to best activate your audience at all stages of the customer journey. Furthermore, the panel examines the channels, tactics, and tools needed to dive deeper into SEO, paid media, social media, email marketing, measurement, and CRO, and offers actionable insights to properly evaluate your digital marketing efforts.

In addition, Investis Digital will be featuring a panel on successful website migration titled, “Website migration: What to do pre, during and post.” Here, we will discuss how to mitigate the risk, potential traffic loss and revenue when rebranding, redesigning or merging company sites. This session will leave people ready to migrate and prepared to do so. To fully prepare for the session, make sure to download our recently released guide to SEO for website redesign, which outlines the best practices for search engine optimization during a website redesign, as well as offers considerations for maintaining URL equity during a platform or domain migration.

Our first event will take place in March in Phoenix, followed by Los Angeles and Seattle in April, please see full schedule below. Check out this introduction video to learn more about the Digital Summit 2020 as a whole, ahead of ticket purchasing. We would love to see our clients and partners there!

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For more insight into any of the topics discussed above, or to learn more about our Summit attendance, contact Investis Digital. We’re helping digital brands everywhere make their communications work.

Full Schedule of Investis Digital’s Attendance at the Digital Summits:

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