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June 30, 2016

Why your business should consider an app for investor relations

Written by Investis Digital

In the corporate world, successful investor relations can be as important as the quality of products and services your company delivers. The market is competitive and you need to find innovative ways to develop and maintain a closer relationship with your audience.

Here’s how IR apps are redefining the way companies can communicate with their key stakeholders:

  1. Mobile traffic is increasing
    Views to websites from mobile devices is increasing worldwide. Evidence from our client base suggests views from mobile devices account for between 19 to 25% of traffic to corporate websites (depending on the size of the company). Most people find it easier to unlock a phone or tablet than to start computer, so why not serve your audience better via the method they are using.
  2. Changing user experience
    Users now expect 'one touch' access to the information that they want, whether it's search, shopping or media. Stakeholders are no different - they want information on company news and investments immediately. An app can be designed to deliver this information as soon as it's opened. And because as much as 85% of time using a mobile phone is spent in apps you're more likely to reach your stakeholder audience this way.
  3.  IR apps offer much more than content
    Apps offer great performance, enhanced security, push notifications and importantly, offline access of content. They're also a slick way to present branding - think of how many companies you can identify just from their app icon. Everytime the user views their menu, the icon is there to remind them of your business.

For some examples of great functioning apps, take a look at the following examples:

FerratumiOS, Android

Aberdeen Asset ManagementiOS, Android

AnsysiOS, Android

For more information on apps, please view our datasheet about our app services or contact us.

Ram Joshi is a Team Lead at Investis

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