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February 13, 2015

How JetBlue creates a social movement in travel

Written by Investis Digital

Many brands look to social media to help create relationships and define their brand voice, but few fly by the rest like JetBlue. The brand has taken full advantage of its social channels to connect with customers in truly meaningful ways that create brand advocacy. See how the airline underdog leverages digital marketing to blend the lines between customer service and brand management to create a social movement that defines its industry.

Focus On Humanity

While many other travel and airline brands center content around the experience of traveling and offer a behind the scenes encounter, JetBlue focuses on defining its human personality across all channels. Leveraging digital marketing to transform an industry with a similar satisfaction rating to the IRS into an amazingly memorable experience takes a focused strategy and constant dedication. By creating events that transcend common expectations and move fluidly across digital and physical channels, JetBlue has developed a strong brand that is recognized for going the extra mile to create customer connections and ranks first in customer satisfaction within the airline industry.

 Engaging Through Video

JetBlue produces really amazing content that entertains, educates, and inspires its fans. Its YouTube channel is robust and focused on defining the elements that make its service and fans so special. JetBlue stays active with consistent updates of engaging videos that showcase its brand experience, environmental efforts, extraordinary customer moments, and special events and initiatives. This insight into the brand grants an honest look into its message of humanity – a theme found throughout every digital channel. A recent partnership with Funny or Die has helped the brand expand its reach to new audiences and further develop its unique personality through humorous videos.

Bringing Social Experiences To Life

JetBlue brings social relationships to life with its dedication to timely and responsive communication. With employees dedicated to managing social media channels around the clock, the brand is known for its quick and creative communication with fans. That effort helps reflect the brand’s human qualities, keeps customers engaged, and returning to their seats. By staying engaging, personal, and creative, JetBlue builds loyalty with customers in ways all other brands can learn from.

Beyond their innovative in-flight services and accommodations (including being the first to accept Apple Pay for food and beverages), JetBlue uses social media to create moments worth talking about. Many examples like the one below can be found throughout the brands social channels where JetBlue goes above and beyond by leveraging social media to create real-time events that keep users engaged and talking. These interactions transform customer service from reactive to proactive, which strengthens brand advocacy and drives sales for the airline. We know we would fly JetBlue again if we got our own parade.

jetblue social 1

jetblue social 2

Recent initiatives from JetBlue have also focused on supporting small brands in a campaign centered on the humanity found within New York, the airline’s main hub. Despite being a well-known brand, JetBlue itself is a mico-airline compared to its heavyweight competitors who own 80% of the market. This initiative helps show the impact small brands can make by demonstrating the unique value of an artisan craft and offering users a meaningful experience.

JetBlue’s Fly It Forward campaign get users involved in creating the brands powerful story of humanity and spreading good. The campaign helps everyday people achieve their dreams with support from JetBlue, and allows those same people to choose how to pay it forward and continue the movement. The brand leverages campaigns like this to inspire users with exemplary customer service and showcase dedication to its goals.


These digital campaigns help create an experience that attracts new users, and perhaps more important, retains current customers through brand advocacy. JetBlue’s success in social media is proof that a comprehensive social strategy can transform a disregarded industry into something truly compelling and engaging. Use these lessons in customer service and social relationships to develop your brand’s content strategy and digital engagement.

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