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February 06, 2017

Five k takeaways from #ZDSummit 2017

Written by Investis Digital

Talk about information overload! After two days of innovation, learning, and networking at the ZOG Digital Innovation Summit, it’s easy to feel inspired to begin refining and connecting your digital marketing campaigns. When getting started, keep the following key takeaways for the summit in mind:

One size does not fit all.

Performance is dependent on the tactics, platforms, and data at hand. One holistic strategy may not attract success like another. Each moment of the consumer journey, micro-moments, must be taken into account. The key components of a micro-moment are the people, intent, and context.

Brands must catch the right people in the most opportune moment with the correct messaging. One size, one platform, or one strategy does not necessarily fit the bill. You must evolve and be diverse within your brands message to speak authentically to your users.

Emphasize secondary search engines.

We know what you’re thinking. There are search engines other than Google? No, not Yahoo, Bing, or Ask. Think outside the box — at #ZDSummit, we learned about to not count out secondary search engines like Amazon and YouTube.

Amazon’s more than an ecommerce platform. People use it to make purchasing decisions. it remains to be one of the most important secondary search engines and has revolutionized mobile purchases. Users rely on the ratings, reviews, and descriptions found in order to inform purchase decisions.

Actually, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. In the generational movement of, videos now dominate how people research. Keyword modifiers like “How To” and “Tutorial” dominate the search engine. A lot more information can be communicated in a demo than you expect.

Mobile isn’t going anywhere.

Mobile usage has surpassed desktop and isn’t backing down. Over 50 percent of retail traffic comes from mobile, 69 percent of Facebook users are mobile only, and peoples times and attentions are on mobile.

Although mobile has been on the rise for years, you still need to think about other devices. Certain audiences still use desktop and tablet pretty heavily. As a brand, you must remain relevant at every step of the consumer journey.

Next is now.

There are new ways to view content. We’re in the year of shifts and will continue to look to the future. With the generation concept and outlook of ‘next is now,’ VR, AI, and voice search continues to grow in popularity.

AI includes more channels than you know, like voice search and response. New technology gives marketers new ways to talk to their audiences.

Connected Content™ is the name of the game.

Connected Content™ instills trust between an audience and brand. When companies ground their digital marketing efforts in content strategy, it helps communicate authenticity and value. Sharing your vision and voice with your audiences strengthens your presence across channels.

Speaking of channels: experts discussed the need for teams to work together. Your core content should be optimized with SEO, shared and amplified through social and paid media, and analyzed at every touchpoint for a connected experience.

Hungry for more #ZDSummit nuggets of knowledge? Our recap should last you until next year.

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