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February 16, 2017

Let’s get visible: How search fits into the connected approach

Written by Investis Digital

Throughout our Connected Content™ series, we’ve established that working in silos isn’t efficient —or effective.

So great. You’re working together, and put content strategy at the center of your overall digital marketing efforts. Now you’re wondering, how do my SEO efforts fall into the mix?

Cover your bases.

On- and off-page optimization, technical structure, metadata, domain authority, spam scores, links— it all needs to be tied together in a cohesive strategy.

There are several pieces to the puzzle when it comes to SEO. If brands were to just hone in on a few pieces, the puzzle would be incomplete and stagnant. End results, like time on site, increase of organic traffic, and conversions are met by these crucial SEO elements. Having every piece in place covers your brands bases for success and opens up the doors for further opportunity.

Button up on-page efforts.

There are two main points to hit in regards to on-page SEO. One being, the services and products and the other being informative content. Services and products are rarely linkable, while informative content is highly linkable. When it comes down to it, all brands want their products to be sold and services to be booked, but the response rate isn’t there compared to the responsiveness of informative content.

While informative content gains more visibility and reactions from users, it doesn’t happen overnight. The content itself requires the right amount of time, research, and resources. With the correct amount of time, content fuels services and products. The methodology of ‘build it and they will come’ does not apply here. Brands must continuously evaluate their efforts, the work never stops.

Evaluate the journey.

Once the correct amount of research, resources, and time pans out, brands can more closely examine the data acquired. Although organic traffic may be rising over the past six months, the amount of traffic and time, also known as ROI, will eventually hit a point of equilibrium. This is the point where the return on organic traffic is equivalent to the amount of spend on traffic.

Evaluation is needed in order to determine what adjustments must be made to the current content living on and off your site. Just because it’s efficient and provides success for a good amount of time, does not mean that change isn’t necessary. You must evolve and evaluate what updates are needed upon reaching the point of equilibrium. And make the changes across the realms of SEO — on-page, off-page, local, and of course content.

The envelope has to be continually pushed.  In order to cultivate success and connectivity, this well-performing content could and should be promoted not just on site and optimized to best practices, but also socially.

Driving user metrics and engagement will only create a better call-to-action for your brand. Stay tuned for a take on the connected approach through the lens of our social media team, and more on why a connected approach is grounded in content strategy.

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