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September 09, 2013

Om-worthy social lessons from Lululemon

Written by Investis Digital

lulu manifesto“Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment.”

One of many simplistically impactful lines in the Lululemon manifesto, this quote lets us into the chic sweaty life the brand embodies.

Founded in 1998, Lululemon is well-known for stylish athletic clothes. In fact, their red and white logo evolved from the “athletically hip” (a name idea that didn’t make the cut). They’ve come a very long way since those early days of brand inception – they now boast over 200 store locations.

Lululemon is much more than a fitness clothing store, however. The brand exemplifies the healthy ideal: a powerful physical and mental life. They’ve created an entire retail experience around that, with each store acting as a sweat-loving community. The rare twist, then, is that they’re able to translate this fit kinship into the digital sphere.

Cultivating a strong social presence, Lululemon maintains profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flicker and Foursquare. They also have an inspiring blog: “Yoga. Run. Life.” The athletic retail brand clearly has the best headstand in class – as well as lessons to share for others looking for success.

Social Lessons from Lululemon:

Own Your Voice

What’s your brand personality? Owning your voice means defining who you are and consistently portraying that. This is chiefly determined by your products, services and audience. Fast Company explains Lululemon’s unique voice best: “It's hard to be confident, sophisticated, and tongue-in-cheek at the same time--yet Lululemon does it well.”

Lululemon’s Pinterest is an excellent portrayal of their brand philosophy. Their boards convey their versatility, including: inspiration, running, yoga, meditation, food, events, art, food and more. Their profile description – “Creativity is maximized when you are pinning in the moment” – playfully twists another one of their motivational manifestos.

LULU pinterest voice

Connect & Share

Connecting with your audience is the next step after designating your voice and diving into branding. Lululemon’s target demographic is united by the same passion: the love of a healthy, active lifestyle. This gives the brand a common goal in which to connect with consumers, as well as aid in connecting consumers with each other – increasing the impact of their brand community.

Sharing content further improves brand affinity. A great example from Lululemon’s Facebook is shown below. They encourage users to share how they’re living “#thesweatlife,” with a variety of interesting images as examples. This type of creative content is likely why the brand is nearing 1 million fans!

LULU connect

Be Transparent

Yoga pant jokes aside, Lululemon has demonstrated what it means to be a transparent brand this year. They faced chaos with honesty – always ensuring their customers knew what was going on. For example, after their CEO announced she would be leaving, they posted a quirky “CEO wanted” ad online. Although it was a spoof, it illustrated how they handle setbacks – with frankness and a sense of humor.

One of the silly job requirements included: “You actively live and breathe the lululemon culture – on Friday afternoons you hit up wheatgrass and tequila shots (it’s called work/life balance).” Lululemon’s Twitter was an effective network in which to post this ad and link to the content, as demonstrated here:

LULU transparent twitter

Lululemon has perfected the fine line between entertainment and value in social media marketing.  Other brands looking to cultivate and market their own strategic voice can contact ZOG Digital today for a social audit.

Plus, watch Lululemon’s successful YouTube video based on a trending topic “S*** Yogis Say” here.

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