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October 21, 2013

Oreo uses Facebook to facilitate brand transcendence

Written by Investis Digital

One of America’s favorite cookies, the iconic Oreo is distinctive and delicious. Produced by Nabisco and comprised of two chocolate disks sandwiching a white cream filling, Oreo has enjoyed the luxury of being a best-selling cookie brand since its inception in 1912. While it dominates store shelves, it has also managed to effectively transition to the digital space and establish one of the most engaging social media presences on the worldwide web.

Oreo’s Facebook page contains the typical posts concerning product announcements, audience engagement questions, and brand-related information. But the truly remarkable aspect of the page is how their social media staff has managed to elevate its content to emphasize creativity and art. Taking advantage of current events and holidays, Oreo routinely posts images that incorporate a reimagining of their iconic cookie with a relevant theme/ context. A few examples are shown below:

To celebrate the anniversary of the first flight to completely circumnavigate the globe in 1924, Oreo posted this gem.


Last year, they posted an image following the conclusion of the NFL ref strike.


Aside from being compelling, these Oreo-related artistic representations of current events manage to transcend their brand and obtain a new level of significance. An Oreo is no longer just a cookie; it’s an integral part of pop culture.

Their design department also produces a slew of entertaining images that imitate common jokes, trends, and sayings.


Boasting nearly 35 million Facebook “likes,” Oreo additionally possesses a heavily populated Twitter and Instagram account. Their creative visual content is disseminated across all of their social media channels to ensure a unified and cohesive appearance.

Oreo has managed to digitally brand itself to embody much more than a circular snack item. It’s a piece of pop culture, a noteworthy element of our past, present, and future. Consumers appreciate and remember this sort of branding – which will directly reflect in the cookie choice they make next time they’re perusing the grocery store aisles.

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