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March 03, 2017

Connecting customers on platforms they love: Where social fits

Written by Investis Digital

In continuation of our Connected Content™ series, we recognized that brands struggle to effectively connect with their audiences when their teams work in silos. In order to be successful, all digital marketing tactics must work together and be grounded in content strategy.

We’ve written about how SEO fits into the Connected Content™ approach. So, where does social media fall?

Find your best fit

Defining your consumer journey and understanding your marketing funnel is essential to digital campaign success. Many brands are left questioning the power of social media and making the assumption that social media only falls into the beginning of a consumer's journey, brand awareness.

Building brand awareness is not the only use for social media. It also serves as a touchpoint for the engagement, purchase consideration, and even conversion part of the marketing funnel.

Like websites, crafting content that speaks to your core audiences on social media platforms is crucial. If the content doesn’t resonate with an audience that matters to you, it serves no true purpose.

Many brands try to find their fit within the consumer journey, platforms, and strategies. Some content can be more informative, while others are fun, and others are more visual than others. The right mix of content between each of these elements is critical.

Use insights to create capabilities

Data validates the success of social media strategies. If they aren’t already, brands should pay attention to how many likes, comments, and share received, but also the interests, demographics, and behaviors of their audience. It’s an open door capabilities for social campaigns.

On Facebook, brands can target their content to reach specific audiences. Targeting capabilities support every level of the consumer journey. The social platforms enables brands to prospect users based on their interests and previous types of engagement. The dynamic capabilities are endless and continue growing for brands.

With new insights gained from social media and other online channels, like search, brands can use well-rounded data to inform their distribution strategy and development tactics.

Stand out from the crowd

Social media is a constant competition for eyeballs. The only way to grow your brand’s current audience is by allocating a budget towards your brand's social efforts.

Brands must make sure they’re not writing a book that no one will read. By taking the time to define goals, find the right fit, curate unique messaging, and use insights, brands can connect with their audiences. Clearly define your brand's architecture with content strategy and adequate budget allocation — you should be able to speak to people at the right place and time, with the right message. Differentiate your brand from the rest of the noise with quality and prominent content.

Whether social is driving interest or driving conversions, it cannot function appropriately without a grounded content strategy and the support of other marketing channels like search and paid media. Stay tuned for a glance at the connected approach through the lens of our paid media team.

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