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October 15, 2015

Sphero’s BB-8 and ZOG Digital named to YouTube Ads Leaderboard

Written by Investis Digital

According to Forbes, 65 percent of people who watch a video will go to the vendor’s website, but building brand awareness is just the first step to drive engagement. Actionable video content can increase online retail purchases by up to 64 percent.

Suffice to say, an informative YouTube video is a valuable addition to the digital marketing arsenal. But the proof is in the pudding: Sphero BB-8’s placement on YouTube’s Ads Leaderboard for September 2015 and the success from its cross-channel paid advertising campaigns is no coincidence. ZOG Digital knows the how to generate results in the retail industry, as recently recognized by its 2015 US Search Award win for Best Use of Search — Retail.

Channeling The Force To Find Customers


Our team strategically positioned Sphero’s ads to play alongside popular content such as clips from the upcoming Star Wars movie and, more importantly, fan videos. The ads saw extremely high engagement with a 22.64 percent view rate and nearly 1 million impressions from targeted placements.

Leveraging the early buzz around the upcoming Star Wars movie and Force Friday, we helped Sphero convert website visitors into pre-orders with focused keywords and engaging content. Within the first 12 hours of the campaign, ZOG Digital saw a 2270.35 percent return on ad spend across all channels.

We know that, according to comScore, visitors who view videos stay on the site an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos. To increase conversions from video content we including a call-to-action display link to further increase campaign ROI with pre-orders. These additions are geared to amplify the value of a video already proven to keep competitive in a month where the iPhone 6S was rumored, announced, and released. Furthermore, these viewers, hungry for more Star Wars content, have taken the first step towards seeing more from BB-8.

By closely tracking campaign engagement, we’ve helped Sphero develop an opportunity to share more content through remarketing when BB-8 is ready to roll out for delivery. Anyone who has previously engaged with Sphero’s content, whether it’s a view, like, comment, share, or in-stream ad engagement, is now more likely to receive additional video content and further develop brand relationships upon product launch.

This cross-channel approach focused around remarketing encourages an engaged audience in search of new content to interact with other touchpoints in the customer journey. By helping Sphero develop a digital landscape where revenue also comes from channels like Product Listing ads, Display ads and Search ads, consumers have many different opportunities to interact with the brand after the video ends.

Smart Campaigns Start with Video

Video marketing has a lot of growth potential when executed in conjunction with audience insights, keyword insights, and targeted placement. Engineering content that sells involves extensive research, sound planning, and reliable execution. With ZOG Digital, retail brands have an opportunity to ensure their investment in video leads in paid views, organic views, and audience retention. But why stop there?

Savvy marketers are aware that the customer journey doesn’t end with one touchpoint, nor can they control when and how users will interact with a brand first. In order to avoid leaving money on the table, develop a leading cross-channel strategy that amplifies an already engaging video campaign.

Through our certified Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool, ZOG Digital offers a unique advantage to retail brands seeking to earn the elusive pre-order. By including keywords proven to find customers in the title, display copy, and the description, the ad reaches an audience through search as it earns pre-orders through in-stream and in-display ads. It’s a win-win.

It’s vital that, moving into 2016, marketers take into account that consumers need video content to be relevant in order for it to have any influence on sales. While a good video campaign can generate great audience engagement, the top campaigns will not stop at just one medium in order to increase customer acquisition. It takes a comprehensive, cross-channel strategy to reach when they are likely to buy.

Contact us to learn more and request a keyword revenue forecast to discover untapped content marketing opportunities within your industry.

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