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July 02, 2013

Sprinkles: A study in sweet social simplicity

Written by Investis Digital

sprinkles logoCoconut, Chocolate Marshmallow, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Chip, Cinnamon Sugar… Are you drooling on your keyboard yet? Sprinkles flavor list is as infinite as their brand potential – the original cupcake bakery is celebrated for their sugary confections and smart business strategy.

Sprinkles began the cupcake mania in 2005 when Candace Nelson and her husband Charles opened the first shop in Beverly Hills. Their focus on quality and simplicity (plus consummate timing) catapulted the cupcake business to extraordinary heights.

Constant innovation plays a definite role in Sprinkles success. Not only did they reimagine the bakery concept, but they’ve continued to break ground in melding traditional and futuristic business. For example, they created the world’s first cupcake truck and the first cupcake ATM.

Further exhibiting their unique take on both the baking and digital world, Sprinkles has an online community outside of their website: “I Love Sprinkles.” Fans can submit photos, watch Sprinkles TV, join their birthday club, download apps, read Candace’s blog and even send virtual cupcakes to a friend.

The cupcake bakery translates that fun approach to social media. Although they have an impressive YouTube channel, we believe they communicate their brand most effectively on Facebook and Twitter. We examine Sprinkles profiles on those two networks below.

Facebook. Marketing sweets on a social network like Facebook doesn’t exactly seem like rocket science. Who wouldn’t “like” a picture of a cupcake? Sprinkles, however, has discovered how to deliver mouth-watering images along with quality content to surpass the expected. The bakery garners high engagement by way of creative posts that add value for their fans – ranging from holiday-centric to in-store proposals and charity aid.

sprinkles facebook

Twitter. Known less for imagery and more for clever, curt comments and customer service, Twitter can be a challenge for some brands. Embracing the brevity, Sprinkles utilizes Twitter for company news and promotions, along with daily deals. In fact, the real-time network provides the perfect opportunity for their secret offers (example below).

sprinkles twitter

Although Pinterest is an ideal network for any sweet business, Sprinkles does not list it on their website or have a verified profile on the network.  Pinterest presents many opportunities for Sprinkles to grow their community and increase engagement – beginning with influencer outreach and image SEO.

Sprinkles genius branding helped them become the most influential cupcake bakery. They keep it simple with high-quality digital marketing and baked goods. Consumers recognize the modern dot on the cupcakes and the fresh, tasty treats cultivate valuable word-of-mouth advertising.

Other brands can learn from their sophisticated take on a classic – make your products/services your own and stay true to it. Sprinkles created a niche and consistent brand voice online, leading to devout fans and social support.

What do you think of Sprinkles marketing strategy?

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