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December 06, 2018

Storytelling in the age of fake news

Written by Don Scales
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Don Scales, the CEO of Investis Digital, recently published an article in Forbes about storytelling in the age of fake news. 

Here are his tips for companies to effectively tell stories in this current age:

1. Ensure communications across all channels and platforms are consistent.

Companies need to ensure that the information they share with the public is aligned with the messages they share with shareholders.

2. Identify and clearly communicate core values and purpose.

Consumers tend to gravitate toward brands with a purpose and that purpose must truly reflect an organization’s core values and common mission.

3. Develop compelling narratives founded in absolute truths.

Consumers are savvier than ever before and will call out companies who push out information that is in anyway false.

4. Establish a structure where marketing and communications aren’t siloed.

Marketing and communications must be fully integrated to achieve brand consistency and efficacy.

5. Provide effortless, enjoyable and informative experiences.

To offer superior customer experience all communications must be frictionless, enjoyable and informative. 

6. Leverage data-based insights to inform and enhance your narrative.

When done correctly, data-based insights can help build more compelling narratives and create measurable experiences for consumers.

You can read the full article on Forbes here.

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