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January 29, 2019

Three brands that successfully articulate their values

Written by Toby Bull
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Let’s face it: articulating your brand values isn’t easy. In fact, only 25 percent of businesses rate themselves as very effective at consistently managing their brand values across digital channels, according to a new Investis Digital report, Brand Values and the Bottom Line. But the good news is that with a thoughtful, concerted effort, businesses can achieve results such as stronger engagement and improved sales by sharing their brand values, or the attributes and principles that a company believes in and stands for. Here are some examples of brands that get it right:


Financial services firm TIAA embraces values such as serving others and empowering people to do good in their communities. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, TIAA honored extraordinary people making a positive impact in their communities. Though a campaign known as 100 Difference Makers for a Better Tomorrow, TIAA masterfully employed a storytelling approach to profile people such as Jessica Schreiber, who has worked with the New York City Department of Sanitation to collect more than 100,000 pounds of waste fabrics for discounted resale or sustainable recycling. TIAA also took action by donating $1 million to the nonprofit organizations at which they are making a difference. TIAA coordinated the program across multiple channels including its website, social media, and earned media – a clear and consistent expression of its values that built emotional connections with its audiences.

Estée Lauder Companies

Estée Lauder strives to make the world better through a commitment to sustainability and positive change at global and personal level. The company weaves a cohesive narrative through digital channels, such as its powerful and compelling campaign to end breast cancer. Digital is home base for a fight against breast cancer that Estée Lauder has been waging for years. A website articulates the company’s commitment to end breast cancer by sharing examples of how Estée Lauder has raised money and mobilized its people to fund efforts to end breast cancer. On its socials, Estée Lauder encourages a dialogue about the issue with the #TimeToEndBreastCancer – a conversation that occurs everywhere, ranging from Instagram to Twitter. By actively involving its audience, Estée Lauder not only shares its brand values – it amplifies the narrative.

British Land

One of the leading premium commercial REIT companies, British Land espouses values such as building for the future, including being accountable for the legacy the company leaves. British Land creates a narrative in a number of ways, such as its commitment to sustainability. For example, British Land has invested in a green retail space, Glasgow Fort, The company shares the progress of the undertaking through digital platforms such as the British Land blog. The company coordinates owned media with PR as well. On its 

website, British Land faithfully shares progress of its sustainability efforts beyond Glasgow Fort.

These examples all demonstrate some attributes of brands that share their values well, including:

  • They hold themselves accountable by publishing their values on their own websites.

  • They rely on digital in sustained away, not as a one-off statement.

  • They back their narrative with action.
Read our new report, Brand Values and the Bottom Line, to understand the challenge that brands face articulating their values -- and the opportunity to improve. And contact Investis Digital to tell your own narrative in a more powerful way. We combine strategic insight with original ideas to articulate brand values in a way that that’s relevant and compelling for all your audiences.

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