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October 25, 2017

Three ways web content management tools can help you

Written by Investis Digital

Web content management tools help you build better digital experiences for a wide range of audiences — without extensive coding knowledge. Every good craftsman needs the right tools, and that extends to craftsmen of content. As CIO Insight notes, analytics and other tools can make you more efficient and capture a positive ROI on your digital communication work.

Here are three key features to look for in a content management tool. Each one can help you further your organization's goals, capture employees' attention and measure the effects of your efforts more accurately.

Version Control

Governance problems are big problems. They can cause massive financial and reputation damage. Document control is one important piece in a strong information governance framework.

If you're using version control, when your organization creates a new document related to employee policies you can ensure that all employee microsites — which might be localized for different countries or teams — display the latest version. This feature makes consistency and compliance an easy part of document management.

Version control can also be leveraged to help departments enforce branding and messaging. If your firm rebrands, for example, you can upload the new logo once and have it automatically populate across digital documents. You can also use it to make sure that customers don't receive communications (like newsletters) that contain outdated branding.

Restricted Access

The capture and transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) abounds in today's digital world. All organizations must ensure that this information is kept under lock and key. As a corporate communicator, you likely have access to sensitive information about the company and its employees. Web content management tools with restricted access features can help you keep this information safe.

You can likely set different permission levels for individuals or classes of people. This can help prevent nefarious action or simple negligence from turning into a serious problem. Some platforms can send you alerts when something happens that violates predetermined rules.

Audience Analytics

Today's web management tools allow corporate communications managers to more efficiently target their messages to a specific audience. Through audience analytics, you can target communications based on factors such as location, demographics, behavioral factors and other details. With audience tools, it's possible to develop a sophisticated segmentation strategy for your content.

Integrating web management communications tools makes it easier to create branded content that speaks to your audience while protecting sensitive information. See if your current web content management tool is making the cut in these areas. If not, it may be time to reevaluate.


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Liz Alton writes about technology, marketing and business for enterprise audiences. She's a Forbes contributor and her writing has been published in Inc, USA Today, Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post, Mic, Harvard Business Review blogs and the WSJ. She holds an MBA and a BA in journalism, and is completing a masters in Journalism at Harvard.

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