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November 07, 2018

The why of a new identity: A note from the CEO

Written by Don Scales
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As global CEO of Investis Digital, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about how we got here: how we brought two companies together to form this new entity, a global powerhouse for digital communications unlike anything I’ve ever seen. 

When started in 2000, Investis initially developed deep roots in investor relations, designing printed earnings reports as well as tools and feeds. Over time, we branched out from IR and did more communications, and acquired several companies along the way. 

The ZOG Digital acquisition was different. Uniting performance marketing with Investis’ core capabilities was significant, and we needed to emphasize the importance of integrated service lines and demonstrate our unique value proposition to our clients and the marketplace. It called for an entirely new brand platform. 

It was incredibly important to me that this rebrand and integration be collaborative, drawing on strong brand and storytelling experience with internal and external partners. We engaged Advantages, a New York-based creative agency, to design our logo to reflect the new brand story and two companies coming together. That kind of collaboration is a core part of Connected Content™, and I'm proud our team walked the walk.

When I joined Investis in January 2017, I shared with our leadership a new premise: we weren't just in the IR or corporate comms business anymore. We were in the content business. That’s why this acquisition made so much sense. If you're in the business of storytelling and developing content for your clients, if you're going to develop the content, then optimizing it only makes sense.   

We’ve got a real opportunity to define who we are, and not have the market define us—something we do for our clients every day. We have an amazing team of passionate people excited to be a part of a new company. And we live our core values everyday: we embrace clarity, bring passion, keep innovating, inspire greatness, and measure success.   

Say hello to Investis Digital.  


I’m excited to share more on how we’re uniquely positioned to meet and exceed the needs of both marketers and communicators in today’s world.

Cheers to the future,

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