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January 24, 2019

Why brands struggle to share their values

Written by Investis Digital

Do your investors, customers, and employees know what your brand stands for? Do they understand your values, or the beliefs and attributes your business embraces? For too many companies, the answer is a resounding “no,” according to a new Investis Digital report, Brand Values and the Bottom Line.

Brand Values and the Bottom Line shares the results of an Investis Digital/Forrester Consulting survey that examines how well businesses articulate their brand values across digital channels. We found that:

Only 25 percent of businesses rate themselves as very effective at consistently managing their brand values across digital channels.

Why do brands struggle so? Our survey uncovered some crucial factors. They include:

  • An imbalance across channels. About 75 percent of businesses focus on sharing their company values on social media – but significantly fewer are relying on paid media across channels and optimizing content appropriately for search.
  • Poor oversight. Only 46 percent of professionals conduct regular audits to ensure their brand values are being consistently communicated in all marketing and advertising.

As a result, businesses risk losing their credibility and relevance. For example, two-thirds of businesses Forrester Consulting surveyed said that their shareholders care about their corporate brand values, and more than half feel said their customers and employees do as well. When no one understand what your business stands for, your credibility becomes tarnished with all its stakeholders.

We’re not surprised that brands are struggling. After all, sharing your brand values is tough when businesses need to be present for consumers, shareholders, and employees across channels ranging from Instagram to their websites. But the good news is that brands that do manage their values across channels realize benefits such as increases in sales.

Read our new report to understand the challenges that brands face and the opportunity to improve. Brand Values and the Bottom Line shares more insights about how and why businesses are struggling to share their brand values and what you can do to improve. Read Brand Values and the Bottom Line as a first step to building a stronger, more valuable brand with your customers, employees, and shareholders. And contact us to create a compelling narrative about your brand values.

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